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Industry Sector

Get a quick and easy access to the cryptocurrencies, which reflect your interest and preference. Crypto Navigator allows you to sort, select and compare over 1000 cryptocurrencies based on the industry these projects are involved in. We offer over 20 categories and continue to expand the list of cryptocurrencies as well as industry categories every day, to offer you a broader range of opportunities. No matter what your interest or preferences are, it can be a great joy to have them and crypto investment decisions aligned!
Social Sentiment

Social Sentiment Analysis

Tap into the social sentiment analysis and get the instant insights about what people say and how they feel about cryptocurrencies of your interest on Twitter. Top 400 are continuously tracked and automatically assigned a positive, negative, or neutral indicator.Depending on the cryptocurrencies you are interested in and the amount of social media posts about them, it can be quite a time-consuming activity to keep a track on what is being said in the social media. This is why we use our proprietary algorithm to analyze social conversations online, determine deeper context and enable you to monitor the result on the go.
Risk Score

CryptoProfiler Risk Score (CPR Score) Risk Score

The CPR Score is a risk indicator that allows to compare the risks of cryptocurrencies based on a proprietary methodology of CryptoProfiler. The framework follows the practice of Product Risk Classification (PRC) which is an important part for fulfilling regulatory requirement to assess whether an investor is able to bear the financial risk of a specific investment product (Suitability Assessment).
The CPR Scope has been specifically designed for cryptocurrencies and takes the following aspects into consideration:
  • Liquidity risk is the risk that stems from the lack of marketability of an coin that cannot be bought or sold quickly enough to prevent or minimize a loss.
  • Market risk is the risk of losses in positions arising from movements in cryptocurrency market prices.
  • Issuer risk is is addressing the various risk associated with the specific coin itself. This contains a variety of risk metrics related to the product, its market and community.
This feature is currently available in beta version and will be further developed. Additional information as well as the specific metrics will be provided soon.