Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is the story of the cryptoprofiler?
Cryptoprofiler has been developed by a co-founding team of Riskifier, an investor risk profiling solution helping financial institutions to offer their retail clients most suitable investment products.
As cryptocurrencies are continuing to gain attention among retail investors and investment risk factors remain understated, we have decided to bring investor risk profiling into crypto space through Cryptoprofiler project. In addition, our aim is to deliver easy to use cryptocurrency comparison functionality, allowing not only compare coins across different metrics, but also serve as an educational point. We are in a beginning of our journey, but we hope that you will enjoy our very first beta version.

What does BETA mean?
This mean that our website is in testing phase, where people can use it and try it out, but should expect to get bugs/issues as the features are not final and constantly being enhanced and improved. This is especially applicable for the risk scoring models.

Do you offer an API?
Not yet, but we will get there!

Are you planning to develop a mobile-app?
Currently our focus lies on further development of our website as well as improvement on mobile-browsing experience.
However, eventually we will also consider offering an app as well.

Is there a way to recommend a feature?
Sure, we will be more than happy to hear from. Don`t be shy and drop us a line either by emailing us at info@cryptoprofiler.com or by contacting us on social media.

What are the future plans of cryproprofiler?
We will further expand list of exchanges, extend social media coverage for our sentiment analysis, profile more coins as well as introduce new metrics and features.
Если у вас возник вопрос, пожелание или предложение, то мы всегда готовы вам помочь с любой проблемой, а так же выслушать самые смелые предложения по улучшению нашего веб-сайта.
Пишите нам на почту info@cryptoprofiler.