Top Businessmen and A-List Celebrities Who Invested In Bitcoins And Blockchain-Crypto Assets

Top Businessmen and A-List Celebrities Who Invested In Bitcoins And Blockchain-Crypto Assets

Top Businessmen And A-List Celebrities Who Invested In Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies

There are many advocates of cryptocurrency, either as the future of money or as an investment vehicle capable of yielding multiple returns on investment. Many of these advocates have been prominent individuals and personalities who liked the idea of cryptos and bitcoin and had great faith in their potential.

In fact, some of them saw the technology’s potential long before it became public knowledge. People like Mike Tyson, the world’s former heavyweight boxing champion, and Snoop Dogg caught on to the idea a long time before cryptos became a public idea and bitcoin was being shilled by everyone.

The good news is that many of these entities still believe in the viability of these blockchain projects. As a result, they have gone on to invest in and buy up many of these tokens, with some rumoured to have crypto portfolios valued in millions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular bitcoin and crypto investors, shall we.

Musicians, Movie Stars And Entertainers

Curtis Jackson III Aka 50 Cent

According to a report by TMZ, 50 Cent had reportedly amassed about 700 bitcoins after accepting to allow buyers purchase his 2014 album, Animal Ambition, with bitcoins.

This cache is now valued at over $2.4 million. At the height of bitcoin’s value in January 2018, the 700 bitcoins was valued at $12.6 million. Interestingly, he even completely forgot that he had that much stashed away until after his bankruptcy proceedings.

Snoop Dogg

In a manner similar to 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg also jumped on the idea of cryptocurrencies in 2013, when he allowed his album to be sold for 0.3 BTC. Of course, there’s no public knowledge of how many albums people bought with bitcoin.

However, it was enough to get him to become an ardent advocate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, he was also an attendee at Ripple (XRP) Community Night Crypto Party.

The point is at bitcoin’s current valuation, Snoop Dogg ended up selling an album for over $1,000. That’s an expensive album if you ask us. And if he sold anywhere near a thousand of those albums, it means he’s probably sitting on at least a million dollars in bitcoin.


While the pop icon has nothing to do with bitcoin -that we know of- she’s very visible with the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP).

In fact, she recently partnered with both Facebook and Ripple to raise funds for her Raising Malawi Foundation. So, while she may not be a direct investor, she’s most likely, a recipient of any crypto windfall and an ardent enthusiast.

Mel B

A member of the erstwhile Spice Girl group, and judge on the America’s Got Talent TV show, Mel B accepted payments in bitcoin for her 2014 Christmas single.

She did this in partnership with CloudHashing, and got paid by many buyers. Of course, she hasn’t come out to say how much she made from the deal, but it could be a lot.


Pitbull is currently involved in the cryptocurrency movement and looks poised to benefit from its growth. In fact, he had been investing in bitcoin since 2012.

A 2018 announcement shows that he’s on the verge of launching a new cryptocurrency, backed by technology that makes payments easier in the music sector.

Ashton Kutcher

One of the more outspoken A-list actors with crypto investments, Ashton Kutcher is currently invested in BitPay, and UnikoinGold.

While he hasn’t said anything about his investments in bitcoin, it’s possible that if he’s willing to invest in his own cryptocurrency, along with Mark Cuban, it is very possible that would have a stash of bitcoin or other highly valuable cryptocurrencies.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A highly successful actress and serial entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow has a few crypto investments and endorsements. One of these is bitcoin wallet, Abra.

She’s the face of the brand and also acts in an advisory role. As a crypto investing enthusiast, and possible holder of a chunk of cryptos, she also educates her followers on the merits of the tech as well as how they can take advantage of it.

Hugh Laurie

If you’ve ever seen the TV series House, then you know the annoying but often right character in the person of Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie.

While he still primarily earns his income as an actor, the only public knowledge about his crypto investments was a $5,000 investment in bitcoin. Of course, he may have bought more while the token was on the rise, but there’s not much known about those.

Johnny Depp

He’s known as Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean. While that series and few other movies have made him rich, his incredibly ostentatious lifestyle, and his divorce, made him bankrupt. So, while he’s not really a role model when it comes to lifestyle choices, he’s at least invested in cryptos. His latest being his partnership at blockchain startup, TaTaTu.


Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates also has a knack for identifying emerging technologies with huge potential. That’s why he started investing in bitcoin, because he felt that bitcoin’s technology is likely to be the future of money.

He particularly likes bitcoin because of the low fees, transaction speed, and borderless features. While nothing is known of his stake in the token chances are that they might be pretty sizable.


Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, caught on to the tech early, partnering with Bitcoin Direct, a Bitcoin Wallet and ATM manufacturing company. While Tyson isn’t public about his holdings, the truth is he’s a brand ambassador, as well as popular bitcoin advocate and investor.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr

Popular boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather is a popular cryptocurrency investor and brand ambassador. He’s been known to promote crypto projects like Stox, Centra, and Hubii Network.