Banners App and FutureNet: New Cryptocurrency Network Marketing Ponzi Schemes?

Banners App and FutureNet: New Cryptocurrency Network Marketing Ponzi Schemes?

The website Banners App it does not have information about who owns runs or created the business behind it. However, according to Behind MLM it is possible to see that it was registered on July 3, 2018.

Apparently, the owner of the website is known as Rafal Szymanski, who has an address in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. And indeed, on Facebook, Szymanski says that he is the founder and CEO of Banners App. Additionally, he is also working in FutureNet working as a Chairman of the foundation council at the FutureNet Foundation.

However, FutureNet was launched some years ago as a six-tier matrix Ponzi cycler. Later in 2016, the company decided to launch FutureAdPro that worked as an adcredit Ponzi scheme. As the firm continued to grow, back in 2017 there was news regarding a FutureNet altcoin. And indeed, during the year and until June 2018 FuturoCoin operated as Ponzi points in the FutureNet platform.

However, FutureAdPro collapsed and FutureNet had to only pay ROIs in FuturoCoin. After it, the exit-scam moved the FuturoCoin from $6 dollars $12 dollars. And Banner App seems to be created after the collapse of FutureAdPro.

As Behind MLM explains, Banners App has no retailable products or services. Commissions are generated once users interact with displayed ads. However, the commission amounts are not shown on the official Banners App site.

Users will earn referral commission in five levels. The first level will allow users to earn 8% commission. Level 2 will allow users to earn 4% of commission and levels between 3 and 5 will provide 1% commissions.

FutureAdPro has been used o pump FuturoCoin and Banners App was launched with a similar intention. Banners App affiliates are left to sucker new FTO bagholders through public trading. It is important to mention that Banners App doesn’t disclose what ad network they use, however, it seems that they use the CPC/CPA network.